Bioterrorism – This course teaches employees how to safely and calmly respond to the threat of biological or chemical terrorism.  Mailroom workers, security services, or any employee working at an at-risk location would benefit from this class.  
Length: 2 Hours     Students: 24 Max

Bomb Threat Training
– This course is designed to provide employees with the necessary tools to handle incoming calls, which are in nature, concerning bomb threats in the workplace.  Topics include: documenting procedures, methods to obtain pertinent information, determining proper responses.  Includes simulated exercises and a written quiz.
Length: 2 Hours     Students: 24 Max
Disaster First Aid Training – This course teaches students to stabilize ill or injured disaster victims for up to 72 hours in the event that professional assistance is not available.  Participating in real life scenarios, students will be trained in the administration of major medical and trauma care, including bandaging wounds and splinting fractures.
Length: 9 Hours     Students: 16 Max

Earthquake/Disaster Preparedness Training – This training is designed to provide your employees with the skills required to quickly and calmly respond when disaster strikes, in both their work and home environments.  Prompt resumption of normal business operations, protection of employees and customers, and protection of company assets are essential elements of the training.  Topics include: What to do before, during and after a disaster, development of an emergency communications system, evacuation plan and shelter locations, identification of workplace hazards, and a plan for the family. 
Length: 2 Hours     Students: 24 Max
Emergency Evacuation Training – This class is designed to make staff aware of the company’s plan for correct evacuation procedures to follow in the event of an emergency.  Some of the topics include: types of emergencies, roles and responsibilities of evacuation wardens and other team members, alternative evacuation procedures, mobility-impaired individuals, and assembly and communication points.
Length: 2 Hours     Students: 16 Max
Emergency Evacuation Drill – Students will simulate an emergency likely to affect your company, block some exits, ask students to respond to scenarios and take them through proper evacuation procedures.
Length: 3 Hours     Students: 100 Max
Emergency Response Training – This course covers necessary skills to stabilize injuries at work until professional assistance arrives.  Topics include: obstructed airway management, burn treatment, universal precautions, reporting medical emergencies, and heart attack recognition and treatment.
Length: 2 Hours     Students: 8 Min
Emergency Room Decontamination Training – This course teaches emergency departments who may receive patients from chemical or biological exposure proper decontamination procedures to protect the patient, hospital staff and the environment. 
Length: 2-16 Hours     Students: 8 Min
Fire Suppression Training – Students learn about types, classifications and components of fire and how to effectively control and extinguish them.  When requested, a 1-hour hands-on session can be added.
Length: 2-3 Hours     Students: 16 Max

First Aid/CPR/BBP/AED/O2 Training – This is a comprehensive first aid course, which focuses on industrial injuries/accidents, as well as serious medical problems.  Some of the topics include: Bloodborne Pathogens, treatment of heart attack and shock, splinting and bandaging, seizures, lifting and moving techniques, and control of bleeding.  Also included is the use of AEDs and Emergency Oxygen.  Lecture and hands-on practice are utilized for maximum retention. 
Length: 8 Hours     Students: 8 Min
Hazardous Material First Responder – Awareness – This course deals with the witnessing or discovery of a hazardous Substance release.  It teaches students how to initiate an emergency response by securing the area and calling in an emergency response team.
Length: 8 Hours     Students: 24 Max
Hazardous Material First Responder – Operational – This class instructs students who may be first responders to a hazardous substance release, how to protect lives, property and the environment without actually attempting to stop or clean up the release. 
Length: 16-24 Hours     Students: 24 Max
Hazardous Material First Responder – Technician – This course is for students who are expected to aggressively respond to hazardous substance releases.  They are taught how to survey the situation, control leaks or spills, mitigate the incident, and rescue others.  This class is composed of lecture and hands-on training such as exercises and drills to simulate an actual spill situation.  The structure of Incident Command System (ICS) is also covered, but the actual Incident Command System course is the next level. Length: 24 Hours     Students: 16 Max
Incident Command System (ICS) Training – This course provides an increased capability to assume the role of Incident Commander during a HazMat incident (or any other emergency), with emphasis on personnel safety and management.  Topics include: pre-event and event specific planning, incident recognition and safety, command and multi-agency scene management, protective action options, medical response, safe and competent management process, and managing legal aspects and liabilities.
Length: 8-24 Hours     Students: 8 Max
SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) – This lecture & hands-on course is designed to teach students to safely wear and operate SCBA.  Periodic safety inspections are stressed, as well as application in an emergency situation.  This course includes instruction in how the respiratory system functions, causes of respiratory problems, effects of respiratory hazards, safety practices, inspection procedures, types of respiratory safety equipment, individual fit testing, mock drills and written examination.
Length: 4 Hours     Students: 16 Max
Search and Rescue – This training provides students with pertinent information, techniques, (including exercises and drills), to enable them to perform light search and rescue activities following a major natural disaster.
Length: 8 Hours     Students: 16 Max
Small Spill Response – This course addresses the chemicals used at your specific site.  Qualified people are taught to cleanup routine, non-emergency spills as part of their job description and in accordance with your company’s Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.  The course outlines necessary procedures to mitigate small quantity, low risk spills.
Length: 8 Hours     Students: 16 Max

Triage – This class uses the START Program, which is universally adopted and practiced by emergency response teams.  Students will learn how to prioritize patients for treatment following a major incident.  Written and practical exercises are also used, which are designed to build student skill levels in the concept and application of triage.
Length: 3 Hours      Students: 16 Max
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